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Suitable for shower experience, detailed installation steps of shower room

Suitable for shower experience, detailed installation steps of shower room

The shower room is favored by consumers for its comfortable shower experience and extreme home life experience. If the installation is light, it will affect the experience, and water seepage and leakage will occur. Therefore, the plumber must be professional.

Installation steps of shower room

1. Preparation and bottom basin installation: use tools to bring them together, which is faster and more convenient. The bottom basin must be installed carefully, and water test is an essential link. If the house is installed, it is more difficult to make major changes.

2. Preparation before installation: check whether the product package is complete, and check whether the configuration is complete after opening. Prepare necessary tools and put them together for easy access.

3. Install the bottom basin: assemble the parts of the bottom basin, adjust the level of the bottom basin, and ensure that there is no ponding in the basin and the basin bottom. The hose can be extended and retracted with distance to firmly connect the basin bottom with the floor drain.
4. Test and protection: water test shall be conducted after installation to ensure that the water is unobstructed. The installed bottom basin shall also be protected in time before the installation of the room body.

5. room installation: whether the shower room is safe or not has an important relationship with whether the room installation is formal. Whether the positioning and drilling are accurate, whether the installation tightness of accessories is appropriate, and whether the waterproof seal is well done all affect the normal use of the product. The strength and angle of installation are also difficult for ordinary people to grasp.

6 positioning and drilling: clarify the pipe arrangement in the bathroom to prevent the explosion of concealed pipelines during drilling. Determine the drilling position of aluminum material against the wall with pencil and level ruler, and drill with impact drill.

7. Installation of aluminum materials: knock in rubber particles at the borehole and lock the aluminum strip on the wall with screws. Note that it is necessary to adjust continuously while installing to maintain the perpendicularity of aluminum.

8. Fixing the glass: lock the glass clamp tightly at the drilling hole of the bottom basin, the bottom of the flat glass or curved glass falls into the glass clamp groove, and slowly push the aluminum material close to the wall. Then fix it with screws.

9. Installation of pipe jacking: drill holes at the corresponding position above the fixed glass, install the fixed seat and connect the pipe jacking. Fix it on the top of the glass with an elbow sleeve.

10. Installation of shelf: install the shelf at the accurate position, tighten the laminate nuts, fix the laminate glass and keep it vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to waterproof under the aluminum material fixing the glass.

Precautions for installation of shower room

1. If you plan to install the shower room, you should reserve the space and hole of the shower room before the bathroom decoration.

2. In order to ensure the safety of use, the shower room should be closely connected with the building in design.

3. If the water supply system and floor laying of the bathroom have been completed and you want to install a shower room, it is recommended to customize a shower room.

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