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Life Tips | The shower block is difficult to clean, you have to learn these four steps!

Life Tips | The shower block is difficult to clean, you have to learn these four steps!

If the shower is used for a long time, it is prone to blockage, and if it is not cleaned up in time, bacterial dirt will accumulate. We have sorted out the tips for cleaning and dredging the shower heads, and the showers will no longer be blocked!

Disassemble the shower head first

Before dismantling, we need to confirm whether our shower nozzle is detachable or non-detachable.

1. Ordinary shower head spray removal does not require tools, just rotate the nozzle counterclockwise to remove it.

2. The shower that can adjust the size of the water needs to hold the software circle in the middle of the nozzle, and then rotate the nozzle counterclockwise (or clockwise) to open it.

3. For showers that cannot be adjusted to the size of the water, most of the sprinklers are fixed into the wall and cannot be disassembled and can only be replaced with new ones.

4. There is a small round cover in the center of the shower head. You need to use a tool such as a screwdriver to pry the small cover off. Use the corresponding screwdriver to twist the screw inside to remove the shower head.

Tips: It is generally not recommended to forcibly dismantle the sprinkler heads, because some sprinkler heads cannot be restored after being removed. If the shower is new and the water output is small, check the threaded button connecting the handle and the hose to see if there is a water-saving filter plug in the threaded button. If there is, take it out with needle-nose pliers to increase the water output.

Many people may find it troublesome to hear about the disassembly of the shower nozzle. In fact, the operation is very simple. It does not require you to completely disassemble the shower nozzle into a piece. The most important thing is to clean the shower nozzle, as long as the purpose of cleaning is achieved.

Shower cleaning tips


Prepare a needle and pierce the impurities in the blocked hole with the needle until there are no impurities in the hole.

Dip in vinegar

Prepare some white vinegar, pour the white vinegar into a basin until the shower head can be completely submerged, and soak for about ten minutes.

Use lubricant

If the blockage is caused by the rust of the metal of the shower, you can use a rust-removing and anti-rust lubricant to make the shower no longer rust.

Use baking soda

Pour 500 grams of 1% hot baking soda on the shower, shake it gently and scrub the shower, the scale can be removed.

Reminder: In order to ensure that the shower nozzle is not blocked, it is recommended to clean the shower once every six months.

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