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Now offering free shipping on all orders over $50! See details.
Bathroom new technology, take you to unlock a new shower experience!

Bathroom new technology, take you to unlock a new shower experience!

With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for home furnishing products have not only met the functional needs, but also cared about the value of the product and the comfort of the experience.

In view of the appearance and easy bumping of exposed showers, Gotonovo has introduced many wall mount shower system. Because of its beautiful, comfortable and convenient features, it has been chosen by more and more families and decoration companies.

Why do so many buyers choose this wall mount shower? That's because it has 6 major characteristics, so more and more buyers will love it!

1. The mixing valve is hidden in the wall, beautiful and not bumpy.

Compared with the exposed shower rod, the wall mount shower installs the mixing valve body into the wall.

It looks more concise, refreshing, and beautiful. There will be no bumps during use, and there is no need to worry about bumps.

2. Three-speed water outlet mode, easy to switch

It is equipped with a water outlet switch diverter, which can spray water from the shower head, water from the handheld spary, and water from the tub spout, which can be quickly switched to different modes, and truly "bath" as you like.

It has a touch control function to easily adjust the temperature of hot and cold water, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable shower experience.

3. Intensive rain, oxygen-enriched massage water

The top spray adopts an air-intake structure, sucking air and water from the top to fully mix, forming a water stream rich in oxygen and negative ions.

The water droplets are soft and rhythmic, making people feel like being in the rain. TPR (silica gel) gently flicks to quickly descaling, making the water full and smooth, making every shower a pleasure.

4. Humanity design, freely adjustable

The metal components are all made of copper casting, which is not easy to be scratched.

The shower head can be adjusted by 360°rotating, and the spout adopts a foldable and retractable design, which is more convenient and faster to use.

5. Craftsmanship, high quality assurance

The mixer valve of the main body is made of high-quality brass and is refined by multiple processes, which is resistant to acid, rust and corrosion, and will not scale.

6. Enjoy peace of mind and maintain without dismantling the wall

Since the main body of the mixing valve is buried in the wall, many buyers are worried: Do you want to knock on the wall during maintenance? In fact, don't worry . During maintenance, you only need to disassemble the decorative panel directly and replace the valve. No need to knock on the wall to save you from worries.

The wall mount shower system that combines "appearance" and "comfort" is suitable for various high-end demand places such as home improvement, hotels, clubs, and homestays. In addition to enhancing the high-level sense of decoration, it is more important to take you to enjoy a comfortable shower experience and make people feel full of happiness.


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